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kanimated_icons's Journal

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This is a graphics community dedicated to mostly kpop boybands such as super junior, DBSK, big bang, SS501, FT island. Graphics that are related to korean music, dramas, variety shows may also be posted occasionally. Graphics posted are mainly animated icons that can be used in LJ.


Personally I am not a great fan of rules, but these are necessary. I try to keep them short and simple to save you from the agony of reading these.

1. Credit
Please remember to credit kanimated_icons if you intend to take any of the icons posted.
To do proper credit, please do the following:

If you are using these icons outside of LJ, credit is not compulsory BUT don't claim them as yours!!! (as in saying you are the one who make them)

2. Hotlinking
Please do not hotlink. Save it in your computer if you are taking. Alternatively, there are some good free hosting websites that you can use such as photobucket or image shack.

3. Lastly, comments and suggestions are appreciated! I hope you can enjoy and use the icons!

Gahhhhh ok I hope I didn't nag too much


Special thanks to these communities or websites from which I got my brushes, textures and fonts from. I will mention the specific creator in each post if I use any of their creations.

100x100_brushes 100x100textures brush_fanatic mutsie_brushes refuted texturize

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